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Topic: Horror 27/02/14  (Read 473 times)
« on: October 09, 2014, 01:22:29 pm »

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Some spooky tasks to whet your vampiric appetite. Write and post below!

1.   Word association – based on words that remind you of ‘horror’.         

2.   Pick a normal, everyday object.  Now try to make it scary.         

3.   Horror is especially scary when it doesn’t describe its monster or main terror, but rather works on the power of your own imagination.  Try to describe a terror while using as few descriptions as possible – if you must, don’t focus on sight but try other senses.   

4.   Horror is especially scary when it makes us feel fear in places that we previously thought were safe, or it makes things seem uncanny or unusual without being outright scary.  Either set a story in a safe place that somehow becomes scary, or in a setting that is very unsettling without being too scary.                      

5.   Horror is especially scary when it reflects things about ourselves that we’d rather not think about.  Write a piece where the main character is actually the horror.      

6.   Horror monsters are often based on social fears of the time – eg. Frankenstein’s monster comes from a fear of the power of science, and Dracula comes from the Victorian fear of lust and sexuality.  Create a modern day horror monster from current social fears.

7.   Take a famous horror character and insert them into another genre (like romance or comedy).                           

8.   Horror consequences – write the first line of a horror story, and continue!
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