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Topic: Sci-Fi 06/03/14  (Read 491 times)
« on: October 09, 2014, 01:25:56 pm »

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Aliens, spaceships, inter-galactic warfare! Get some ideas from these tasks, write and post below.

1.   Design an alien race and imagine what happens when they find earth.  Do they make contact with us?  How different are they to us?                  

2.   Imagine that in the future, the human race has become far more advanced than it currently is.  Now an alien race finds us, but they also find that we are more advanced and more powerful than them.  What happens?                  

3.   In the future, genetic engineering and/or cloning becomes possible.  What happens?  Who holds the knowledge to this power and what do they use it for?  Does it become taboo or acceptable?                           

4.   In the future, we learn how to move faster than the speed of light (think warp drives), or we find a worm hole and start sending people through it.  But this has unintended side effects on people.  What happens?                     

5.   In the future, A.I. and very smart androids become commonplace.  What happens?  Bonus points in the robots don’t just try to stage an uprising, eg. androids are treated just like humans and parents raise them if they can’t have children of their own.  One family tries to keep it from their young daughter that she is actually a robot.         

6.   In the future, time travel becomes possible.  The technology is hidden from the public to stop misuse, but a small, secret government agency begins going back in time to selectively rewrite some of the worst mistakes in history... or what they deem to be the worst mistakes.  What happens?                           

7.   Humans finally become advanced enough to venture into the depths of space and explore new planets, only to get there and find that the entire galaxy is populated by numerous aliens who have already set up their own Federation of Planets, complete with politics, infighting, and a galactic religion.  Earth is allowed to join the federation, but only if it will convert to the strange alien religion.                  

8.   In the future, robotic technology becomes so cheap and advanced that humans all start dropping out of the workforce.  Robots take over all the mundane chores and manual labour of life, like farming, building, cleaning, and cooking.  Generations later, a change in the earth’s magnetic field renders all robotic technology useless.  People have to relearn everything.  What happens to society?                  

9.   Science fiction consequences – write the first line of a story, and continue!

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