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Topic: Universe Creation - 30/01/14  (Read 447 times)
« on: March 13, 2014, 03:55:24 pm »

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If you missed this lit circle and still want to give the activities a go, here they are below:

1.   Word association – based on words that remind you of ‘creation’.      

2.   Think up a creation myth for an original universe or a world.       

3.   Design one or more species to live in your universe.  How did they evolve?  How do they interact with their environment?  How advanced are they?         

4.   Design one or more cultures that exist in your universe.  How advanced are they?  How different?  How do they interact?                  

5.   Create a system of magic or power to exist in a universe.  Bonus points the more unique and different it is, and if you can actually explain it.               

6.   Write a history for your universe or world.  If there are multiple species, how have they interacted?  How long has your universe existed?            

7.   Come up with a destruction myth for your universe, either the one described in the creation myth earlier or a totally new one.                  

8.   SPLAT.  Either think up a new emotion and describe how it functions in the world, or design a character to exist in that world.                  

Post any responses in this thread!
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